Monday, September 10, 2018

The Joy of Imagination

I'd like to welcome everyone to my first blog publication.  Writing children's books has been quite an experience to say the least.  Most people my age are retired not thinking of starting a second career.  I can assure you I have found it both exhausting as well as emotionally rewarding.

First, it's a lot of work.  Just discovering the ins and outs of the publishing world is a journey in it self.  However, being a little stubborn and objective focused, I persevered.  Now that I'm getting into the swing of it, I'm glad I did.

What I have found very interesting with the response to my stories, is the age difference of those who have commented.  The endorsement from the grandparent ages was not necessarily surprising but when I started receiving encouragement as well as accolades from young mothers and teachers I was rather surprised as well as pleased.  Each book has the underlying message of courage, sharing, honesty, love and forgiveness. Yes, they present challenges but how to solve problems with more positive and happy approach it the end focus.  I suppose it could be a welcome change from our daily dose of anger and harshness.

I recently read a lovely quote.  "Childhood is not a race, it's a journey."  We are all teachers in some way or another. When speaking to children, it is wise to remember they are impressionable and what we do or say can impact their lives. It can be positive or negative.  We, as adults can make the difference.  Endorse their creativity and imagination.  Encourage them to challenge them selves and to help others and never, never loose your sense of humor.  Laughter is a wonderful feeling and when one shares it with a child it is even better.

I truly hope that my little books will present a happy message and give everyone some food for thought.  If you would like to share some of your child raising experiences or questions, let me know.  You can be sure I will respond.

Happy reading.